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Commercial Janitorial Services and Maintenance

Serving Gilford, Laconia, Tilton, Meredith, Alton, Wolfeboro, Plymouth, Holderness, Ashland and the Lakes Region of NH


We get it. In the world of business, it’s all about first impressions. We understand the importance of having a clean and presentable office for when clients visit. If your office isn’t clean, then your clients probably aren’t going to want to do business with you.

Just like we take pride in our clients, you want to take pride in yours. So why not consider a professional cleaning service for your office?

King of Klean provides comprehensive janitorial services throughout to business of all shapes and sizes throughout the Lakes Region in New Hampshire. No business is too big or too small for the KLEAN TEAM. Our janitorial services specialize in complete commercial office cleaning and maintenance. This includes commercial buildings, shopping centers, high-rise buildings, and even schools.

King of Klean is proud to utilize the latest and greatest building maintenance equipment to clean our clients’ office spaces. We believe that the power of KLEAN comes in the equipment we invest in. And by investing in our equipment, we are investing in our clients. We provide all our clients with top-notch, professional cleaning services. We go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations while saving them money and maintaining a standard of KLEAN that can’t be beat.

King of Klean also invests in our own team. Our team is our own staff and employees. We do not sub contract any of our work. One of the reasons why our services are above our competitors’ is because we choose to invest in a solid team.

Contact the Professional Cleaning Services Team at King of Klean today

If you are interested in a professional cleaning services team, or if you’d like to learn more about our commercial janitorial and maintenance services, call the King of Klean today for a free estimate.

Protect your furniture, protect your staff, and protect your business by hiring a professional cleaning service. Call King of Klean today at 603-393-8439.