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Tile and Grout Cleaning for Homes and Commercial Properties

Serving Gilford, Laconia, Tilton, Meredith, Alton, Wolfeboro, Plymouth, Holderness, Ashland and the Lakes Region of NH

Tile floors have a very modern, sleep appeal to them. They can brighten and freshen up any room—home or commercial. However, over time they pick up dirt, traffic, and even sustain the hard New Hampshire winters. Your once white tile floor soon becomes gray or black. It’s time for a good cleaning.

But not to worry. The KLEAN TEAM is to the rescue! We can help restore the beauty and shine in your title floors.

What Happened to My Tile Floor?

While the grout in your tile floors serves a very important purpose, it can also pick up dirt, oils, spills, mildew, and other forms of moisture over time—fading its bright and fresh appearance.

In addition to cleaning your tile floors, we also focus on picking up the dirt, oil, and grime from the grout. You would be surprised how quickly and how much dust, dirt, and dander get stuck in the pores and crevices of tiles. After a deep cleaning session, your tile floors will look brand new.

The KLEAN TEAM uses equipment that is specifically designed to remove built-up dirt and grime in tile floors and grout. We are also proud to use the safest, environmentally friendly, and organic cleaning solutions to clean home and office floors. You want to keep your family and environment safe, and so do we.

For more information on how our professional cleaning services can help restore your tile floors, call the King of Klean in New Hampshire today. We will take a ride out to your home or place of business and look at your floors and provide you with a free estimate.

Protect your floors today by contacting the King of Klean at 603-393-8439.