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There's a reason why we're called the King of Klean - we can help prevent messes before they happen. We specialize in applying carpet and upholstery protectors in the Laconia, NH area.

Whether you own a furniture store full of inventory or you've just replaced your living room couch with a brand-new one, we have the tools needed to protect your fabric from wear and tear. Our safe and effective fabric protector spray will deter all kinds of grime and stains. This will help your fabric stay bright and lovely for years to come.

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Top reasons to use a fabric protector

Top reasons to use a fabric protector

You can't go wrong with our carpet and upholstery protector services in Laconia, NH. Our state-of-the-art fabric spray can help...

  • Extend the life of your fabric
  • Prevent your fabric from fading
  • Shield your fabric against stains
  • Extract dirt when cleaning

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